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Our expert trip away team can make organising the Netball Trip quick and easy. We go to all locations such as Byron Bay, Cairns, Gold Coast and more. We have extensive local knowledge of each destination. Our strong relationship with the local tourism industry has your side treated like VIPs the whole time.


Cairns Footy Trip Singlets

Custom Team Singlets each

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  • Individual Nicknames
  • Your Clubs Logo and Colours

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  • Worst On Singlet
  • Biggest Pest Singlet

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Unforgettable Netball Trip with Mad Monday

uAs the netball season draws to a close, the anticipation for an unforgettable Netball Trip grows. Mad Monday takes the lead in crafting unparalleled experiences, offering Netball Trips to some of Australia's most captivating destinations.

Let's delve into the top five end-of-season trip locations—Cairns, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, and Adelaide—and discover why Mad Monday Netball Trips stand out.

  1. Cairns: Tropical Paradise Celebration
    Cairns, nestled in the tropical north, serves as an idyllic backdrop for an end-of-season celebration. Mad Monday's Cairns Netball Trips fuse pubs and clubs with the bliss of tropical relaxation. Teams can unwind on golden paradise settings, explore lush landscapes, and revel in the vibrant atmosphere, creating lasting memories in a tropical paradise.

  2. Brisbane: Urban Excitement and Netball Excellence
    Brisbane, the lively capital of Queensland, sets the stage for an end-of-season trip filled with urban excitement and netball finesse. Mad Monday's expertly curated trips provide teams with the opportunity to see all of Brisbane while immersing themselves in Brisbane's dynamic nightlife and cultural offerings.

  3. Gold Coast: Thrills and Team Bonding
    The Gold Coast, renowned for its golden beaches and thrilling attractions, offers the ultimate playground for an end-of-season celebration. Mad Monday ensures that teams experience the excitement of Gold Coast clubs intertwined with the thrill of exploring iconic events and pristine beaches, fostering team bonding in a vibrant setting.

  4. Byron Bay: Coastal Charm and Relaxed Revelry
    Byron Bay, known for its coastal charm and laid-back atmosphere, provides a unique setting for an end-of-season Netball Trip. Mad Monday's tailored experiences allow teams to engage in friendly pubs, bars and clubs, all while enjoying the relaxed ambiance and stunning beaches of Byron Bay.

  5. Adelaide: Cultural Enrichment and Netball Excellence
    Adelaide, a cultural hub in South Australia, combines rich cultural experiences with old school bars an end-of-season trip like no other. Mad Monday ensures that teams can embrace the sportsmanship of netball while exploring Adelaide's cultural landmarks, diverse culinary offerings, and vibrant club scene.

Why Mad Monday Netball Trips Are the Best:

Mad Monday stands out as the premier choice for Netball Trips for several compelling reasons:

  1. Expert Planning: Mad Monday's meticulous planning ensures that every Netball Trip is expertly crafted, striking the perfect balance between competitive matches and immersive experiences tailored to each destination.
  2. Destination Expertise: With in-depth knowledge of each destination, Mad Monday tailors trips to showcase the best of what Cairns, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, and Adelaide have to offer, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for teams.
  3. Custom Netball Trip Singlets: Adding a personal touch to each trip, Mad Monday provides custom-designed Netball Trip singlets. Featuring club logos, colours, and individual nicknames and numbers, these singlets foster team unity and identity, serving as cherished mementos of the trip away.

In conclusion, Mad Monday's Netball Trips redefine end-of-season celebrations by blending the thrill of competition with the joy of exploration. Whether it's the tropical allure of Cairns, the urban excitement of Brisbane, the coastal charm of Byron Bay, the ultimate playground of the Gold Coast, or the cultural hub of Adelaide, Mad Monday ensures that every Netball Trip is an unforgettable culmination of the season.