Mad Monday Cricket Trips

Our expert trip away team can make organising the Cricket Trip quick and easy. We can send your team to any location such as Cairns, Adelaide and Gold Coast. We have extensive local knowledge of each destination. Our strong relationship with the local tourism industry has your side treated like VIPs the whole time.


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Unleash the Cricket Fever: Exploring the Best Mad Monday End-of-Season Cricket Trips in Australia

Mad Monday End-of-Season Cricket Trips have become a cherished tradition, offering cricketers a chance to celebrate their accomplishments and bond with teammates in a relaxed setting. As the cricket season winds down, players eagerly anticipate these trips, creating memories that last a lifetime. In this article, we'll explore why Mad Monday Cricket Trips are the best and highlight some of the top destinations in Australia for a cricket-centric getaway.

Why Mad Monday End-of-Season Cricket Trips Are the Best:

  1. Team Bonding:
  2. Celebrating Achievements:
  3. Relaxation and Fun:
  4. Building Team Spirit:

Best Destinations for Mad Monday Cricket Trips in Australia:

  1. Cairns, Queensland:
    Known for its tropical climate and vibrant nightlife, Cairns offers a
    perfect mix of relaxation and adventure. Teams can explore the Great Barrier Reef, unwind on the beaches, and enjoy the local pubs.
  2. Brisbane, Queensland:
    As a cricket-loving city, Brisbane provides a fantastic backdrop for Mad Monday trips. Teams can explore Fortitude Valley, enjoy the some of Australia's best pubs, and experience the city's lively atmosphere.
  3. Gold Coast, Queensland:
    With its stunning beaches and vibrant entertainment options, the Gold Coast is an ideal destination. Teams can unwind at Surfers Paradise, try out some of the new nightclubs, and explore a stack of different pubs.
  4. Byron Bay, New South Wales:
  5. Melbourne, Victoria:
  6. Darwin, Northern Territory:
  7. Perth, Western Australia:
  8. Albury, New South Wales:
  9. Wollongong, New South Wales:
  10. Airlie Beach, Queensland:
  11. Adelaide, South Australia:


Mad Monday End-of-Season Cricket Trips are the perfect way to cap off a challenging season, providing teams with the opportunity to celebrate, relax, and strengthen their bonds. With Australia's diverse destinations, from tropical paradises to vibrant cities, cricket teams have a myriad of options for creating unforgettable memories. Whether it's the tropical allure of Cairns or the cultural richness of Melbourne, each destination offers a unique backdrop for a memorable Mad Monday Cricket Trip. Plan your team's getaway today and let the celebrations begin!