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Cairns Footy Trip

Mad Monday Cairns Footy Trips are the perfect setup for End of Season Team Trips.

Footy Trips, Bucks Trips, Hens Trips, Cricket Trips, Netball and Punters Trips.



Cairns Footy Trip Singlets

Custom Team Singlets each

  • Custom Designed From Scratch
  • Individual Nicknames
  • Your Clubs Logo and Colours

Award Singlets

  • Best On Singlet
  • Worst On Singlet
  • Biggest Pest Singlet

Mad Monday Hat each

  • Everyone Receives a Different Design
  • Highest Quality Hats
  • One Size Fits All

Mad Monday Stubby Holder each

  • Rubber Base, Stitched & Glued In
  • Double Stitched & Durable.
  • Made from Wet-suit Material


You have not been to Cairns until you have been to Breakfast Club

Events are exclusive to Mad Monday guests. Full bar loaded and ready to go. Full licensed pub & day club. Spots are limited for this. Sooner you book we can reserve your spot. DJs & Live Music all day into the night + Much more

Mad Monday Cairns Trip

Planning a Cairns Footy Trip? Look no further! A Cairns Footy Trip is practically a guarantee for an unforgettable weekend, and here's why.

Cairns, with its vibrant nightlife and an array of exciting activities, offers an unparalleled experience for footy teams, bucks parties, and netball squads alike.

One of the best things about a Cairns Footy Trip is the convenience of having all the main pubs and clubs within a short walking distance of each other.

No need for long cab rides or trying to coordinate transportation – everything is easily accessible, making your weekend hassle-free and action-packed.

What sets Cairns apart from other destinations is its stunning tropical weather. If you're coming from the south, you'll experience a delightful change in climate, perfect for outdoor adventures, beach activities, and, of course, enjoying your footy trip to the fullest.

But that's not all – Cairns has something for every group and every budget. Whether you're planning a lavish extravaganza or a more budget-friendly adventure, there are packages to suit all your needs.

Our team can help you tailor your Cairns Footy Trip to perfection, ensuring you have an unforgettable time while staying within your budget.So why wait? Contact us today to kick-start your Cairns Footy Trip adventure.

Let us assist you in crafting the ideal package that suits your preferences, ensuring your weekend in Cairns becomes the best time of your life. Whether you're planning a footy trip, a bucks party, or a netball getaway, Cairns has it all. Get ready for an incredible experience in a tropical paradise!

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