Netty Trips

Check out these Netball Trip Ideas and Premier Locations

As the netball season wraps up, the excitement of the Netball Trip begins to take center stage. For netball teams seeking a celebration that transcends the ordinary, Mad Monday is the ultimate guide to curating VIP nightclub and pub crawl experiences in the best locations across Australia. In this blog post, we explore exclusive netball trip ideas that focus on the electrifying nightlife scene with Mad Monday at the helm.

Netball Trip Ideas:

  1. Gold Coast, Queensland: Renowned for its vibrant nightlife, the Gold Coast becomes the ideal playground for teams seeking a glamorous night out. Mad Monday can orchestrate an exclusive VIP nightclub experience, complete with private booths, tailored drink packages, and access to the hottest venues in Surfers Paradise.

  2. Melbourne, Victoria: Embrace the cosmopolitan flair of Melbourne with a netball trip that revolves around chic cocktail lounges and stylish rooftop bars. Mad Monday's curated pub crawl can take your team through the hidden gems of Melbourne's nightlife, ensuring an evening filled with fun and glamour.

  3. Sydney, New South Wales: Australia's iconic harbor city sets the stage for an unforgettable netball trip with Mad Monday. From trendy pubs to high-end nightclubs, Sydney's nightlife scene becomes your team's playground. Mad Monday's expertise lies in creating VIP experiences, providing access to the most exclusive venues in the city.

  4. Brisbane, Queensland: For teams seeking a blend of laid-back vibes and vibrant nightlife, Brisbane offers the perfect balance. Mad Monday can design a pub crawl that takes your team through Brisbane's eclectic bar scene, ensuring an evening filled with laughter, camaraderie, and exclusive VIP treatment.

Best Netball Trip Locations in Australia for VIP Nightlife Experiences:

  1. Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast: The glittering Gold Coast is not just known for its beaches; it boasts a nightlife that rivals the best in the country. Mad Monday can arrange a VIP nightclub experience in Surfers Paradise, where your team can dance the night away in style.

  2. Melbourne CBD, Victoria: Melbourne's Central Business District transforms into a nightlife haven after dark. Mad Monday's pub crawl can navigate your team through hidden laneway bars, upscale cocktail lounges, and trendy rooftop venues for a night to remember.

  3. Sydney's Darling Harbour, New South Wales: The vibrant energy of Darling Harbour provides a stunning backdrop for a VIP netball trip experience. Mad Monday can organize an exclusive pub crawl that explores the best waterfront bars and stylish nightclubs, offering breathtaking views and unparalleled entertainment.

  4. Fortitude Valley, Brisbane: Renowned as Brisbane's entertainment precinct, Fortitude Valley becomes the perfect canvas for a netball trip filled with VIP experiences. Mad Monday can curate a pub crawl that showcases the Valley's eclectic mix of bars, ensuring your team experiences the best of Brisbane's nightlife.

Why Choose Mad Monday for VIP Nightlife Experiences:

  1. Exclusive Access: Mad Monday's extensive network ensures your team receives VIP treatment, with access to the most exclusive nightclubs and bars in each city.

  2. Tailored Packages: From bespoke drink packages to private booths, Mad Monday customizes every detail to ensure your netball trip VIP experience aligns with your team's preferences.

  3. Safety and Seamless Execution: Safety is paramount, and Mad Monday ensures a seamless and secure VIP experience for your team, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying the night.


When it comes to elevating your netball trip, Mad Monday stands as the undisputed choice for VIP nightclub and pub crawl experiences. Whether you choose the glitz of the Gold Coast, the sophistication of Melbourne, the glamour of Sydney, or the eclectic vibes of Brisbane, Mad Monday guarantees an unforgettable night out. So, swap your netball uniforms for Mad Monday singlets, gather your teammates, and let us redefine your Netty Trip celebration with a VIP netball trip experience like no other.