How To Plan A Netball Trip

How To Plan A Netball Trip

Mastering Your Netball Trip with Mad Monday: A Step-by-Step Guide

Planning the perfect Netball Trip just got easier with Mad Monday. Follow these steps to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience for your team:

  1. Destination & Date Selection with Mad Monday Choose from three fantastic destinations and let your team vote. Mad Monday suggests a local option, a fun getaway, and an all-out experience. Select a date at least 10 weeks in advance, avoiding major holidays. Keep in mind that overseas destinations may attract fewer participants. Popular Netball Trip destinations recommended by Mad Monday include Gold Coast, Cairns, Byron Bay, and Brisbane.

  2. Accommodation Choices with Mad Monday The accommodation debate is simplified with Mad Monday's insights. Choose between a hostel, hotel, or Apartments on your preferences and the desired experience. Hotels, centrally located with pools and a fun atmosphere, offer convenience and relaxation. Hostels, the budget-friendly option, come with a bar and lively atmosphere. Mad Monday ensures the netball team can share a large room, making it cost-effective.

  3. Securing the best accommodation options is a breeze with Mad Monday when you plan ahead and make early bookings. Enjoy group discounts by proactively reserving your spot, taking advantage of 'pay later' options provided by Mad Monday. This ensures that you not only benefit from attractive discounts but also guarantee your spot, preventing the risk of missing out on exceptional deals.

  4. Create a Social Group. Establish a communication platform, such as a Facebook or WhatsApp group, with Mad Monday's guidance. Encourage group interaction, share banter, and brainstorm fun ideas for the Netball Trip. Ensure everyone is involved and excited about the upcoming adventure with Mad Monday's expert tips.

  5. Activities & Entertainment with Mad Monday Plan your activities in advance to avoid last-minute debates, as suggested by Mad Monday. Choose from a variety of fun Netball Trip ideas, including pub crawls and boat parties with VIP club entry. Booking activities early ensures a structured plan for the trip.

  6. Collect Deposits with Mad Monday Facilitate the booking process by encouraging team members to provide a small deposit. Mad Monday only requires a $60 deposit per person, making it easy to secure accommodations before prices increase or desirable venues book out.

  7. Have a Blast with Mad Monday Trust in Mad Monday's expertise to provide an awesome Netball Trip experience. With a variety of exciting ideas, your team is in safe hands. Enjoy the trip, create lasting memories, and celebrate your successes on and off the court with Mad Monday.


Plan your Netball Trip effortlessly with Mad Monday, ensuring a fantastic and memorable experience for your entire team.