Footy Trip Singlets

Footy Trip Singlets: Wauchope Blues Level Up for Cairns Footy Trip

The Wauchope Blues are all set for their exciting footy trip to Cairns, and we've got their custom-designed singlets ready to go! If you're planning a Cairns footy trip, our singlets are a must-have to make your trip unforgettable.

What Makes Our Footy Trip Singlets Special?

When you book your trip with us, you’re not just getting any ordinary singlet. Here’s why our footy trip singlets are the best choice for your team:

Custom Designed by Our In-House Team: Our skilled in-house designers create unique, stylish singlets that perfectly represent your team.

Individual Nicknames on the Back: Each singlet features the player's nickname, adding a personal and fun touch.

Individual Numbers on the Back: Every player gets their own number, whether it’s their jersey number or a favourite, making each singlet unique.

Made to Last Long After Your Trip Has Finished: Our singlets are made from durable, high-quality materials, ensuring they last as a cherished memory of your trip.

Special Deal: Free Mad Monday Singlets

When you book your Cairns footy trip with us, your group will receive free Mad Monday singlets! Plus, to add some extra fun, you’ll also get a complimentary set of “Best On”, “Worst On”, and “Biggest Pest” singlets.

Make your Cairns footy trip memorable with our exceptional footy trip singlets. Reach out to us today to start planning your trip and get these awesome singlets for your team. Cairns awaits!