Footy Trip Fines

Footy Trip Fines & Netball Trip Fines

🎉 Hey Squads and Squaddettes! Ready for a ripper time with Mad Monday's Footy and Netball Trip Fines? 🏉🏐 Let's keep it fun, fair, and fines-tastic!
Got questions? Slide into our DMs on Insta or Facebook – we're all ears!

5 min late to training - $10 Whoops, snoozed that alarm! Fashionably late comes with a fine, mate!

🚫 Missing training - $20 No show, no go! Your absence comes with a price tag, better lace up those sneakers next time.

👕 Wearing 2 or More Pieces of Compression Wear - $10 Layering up like a footy burrito? That's a fineable fashion statement!

👚 Wearing Another Club's Apparel - $20 Caught in enemy colors? Penalty points for betrayal, folks!

💆 Spending more than 15 min on the massage table - $10 Relax, but not too much! The massage table marathon incurs a fee.

🎾 First out in Kick Tennis - $5 You've got swift kicks, but being first out costs a fiver – play fair!

🚿 Using Someone Else's Shower Gel - $10 Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to personal hygiene products!

🏃 Leaving Training Early - $10 Early bird catches the fine! Commit to the finish line, champs.

🎂 Missing Training for a Birthday - $50 Birthday bash? That's a big celebration fine! Training over cake, always.

🏈 Losing a Football at Training - $30 Football over the fence? That'll cost you a few bucks, mate!

👕 Wearing Rep Side Gear to Training - $15 Representing hard comes with a fee – save the rep gear for when you actually make a rep side!

👕 Wearing Someone Else's Rep Gear - $50 Caught borrowing? It's a hefty fine – get your own threads, legend!

🩳 Shorts or Undies in the Shower - $25 Shower fashion police alert! Keep the undies out of the rinse zone.

🚑 Getting Injured at Training - $5 Oops, a little tumble? It's a minor fee – nothing major, just like the injury!

📱 Checking Phone 10 Min Before or After Training - $20 Caught in the pre/post-training scroll? That'll cost you a cheeky fine!

🥳 Missing Training Because Had a Bender - $50 Big night out? Fine incoming – recovery is part of the game, folks!

Let the fines roll and the good times flow – it's Mad Monday Footy Trips, where the rules are fun and the penalties are a laugh! 💸🎊