Buddy Franklin Wearing Three Different Mad Monday Costumes

Buddy Franklin Wearing Three Different Mad Monday Costumes

Australia's very own Buddy Franklin made waves in 2020 when he wore not one, but three different Mad Monday costumes.. The Mad Monday outfits are a popular tradition amongst AFL teams, where players and staff put on a variety of costumes after a long and hard season of playing. Buddy Franklin certainly made an impression with his unique outfit choices.

The Superhero

The first costume Buddy Franklin donned was a classic superhero outfit. He wore a bright red and blue suit complete with a mask and a cape.

The Lion

The second costume Buddy Franklin put on was that of a lion. He wore a mane of yellow and brown fur and a big smile on his face.

The Cowboy

The third and final costume Buddy Franklin wore was a classic Cowboy outfit. He wore a white hat and a western-style shirt with a blue bandanna.


Buddy Franklin certainly made a splash when he wore three different costumes for his team's Mad Monday celebrations. His choice of a superhero, a lion, and a cowboy were all great choices that showed off his playful, mischievous, and rugged sides. We can only imagine what costumes he'll come up with for next year's Mad Monday celebrations.